‘Understanding Srilekha does not fit in your syllabus’

“I don’t have a boyfriend to tell, Babu,” wrote Srilekha Mitra on social media on her way to Dubai. And the Tollywood actress has become a victim of trolls. But this is not the end, Srilekha replied. 

On the occasion of the golden jubilee of Bangladesh’s victory, Srilekha went to the Sharjah Cricket Stadium in the UAE to attend a cultural event. On her way to Dubai, Srilekha wrote on Facebook:

Discussions and criticisms started in various quarters centering on this post of the actress. In response, Srilekha wrote on Facebook, out of grief, that is, out of the grief of not having a boyfriend, he did not make this post. I used to call my parents before boarding the flight, my daughter is young, she is in the world of her studies, ICSE is giving. So don’t bother him. After my father left, I realized that I really don’t have anyone to tell me how to get there. So let’s talk about boyfriend in light rice. With a lot of fan-followers, yes, there is no one special now, I may never miss, most of the time I don’t. Love doesn’t come right now, so my romanticism is about nature, about myself, about my thoughts. ”
Srilekha further writes, “Kupmanduk man cannot think outside the circle, the result of which is whatever happens. Understanding Srilekha does not fall into your syllabus! Srilekha loves herself and is engrossed in it. ”