The date and venue of the PSG vs Real Madrid match is final

In the first draw, Lionel Messi’s PSG faced Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United. Fans also began counting down the fights between the two best stars of all time. After the unprecedented draw, PSG gets the most champion Real Madrid as the opponent!

So Messi is returning to Bernabeu again. PSG’s Killian Mbappe can sign the contract with Real next January. If the rumors are true, Mbappe will have to face Benjima-Vinicius before he officially comes to Real. Real legend Sergio Ramos will come to the Bernabeu as an opponent! Goalkeeper Kyler Navas, another hero of Real’s three consecutive Champions League victories, will be with him. Real should be angry at that. Because in the first draw they got a relatively easy opponent Benfica, then they got PSG.

The second round of the Champions League will be played in two legs. The first leg of Real-PSG will be played at PSG and the second leg will be played at Real Madrid. The first leg will be held on February 15 next year at 2 pm at the PSG’s home ground Park de Princes. The second leg will take place on March 9 at 2 pm at Real’s Santiago Bernabeu.