US sanction: Rab says it doesn’t violate human rights, rather protects

A day after the United States imposed human rights-related sanctions on Rab and its seven current and former top officials, its spokesperson today claimed that the force does not violate human rights.

Rab protects the human rights of people and maintains law and order in the country, Commander Khandaker Al Moin, Rab legal and media wing director, said this at a press conference today.

The force’s former Director General (DG) Benazir Ahmed, now inspector general of police, current DG Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun were among the officials designated by the Department of the Treasury under the Global Magnitsky sanctions program in connection with serious rights abuse.

In reply to a query at today’s briefing, Moin said 28 members of the force, having only 9,000 members, have sacrificed their lives to protect human rights and maintain law and order so far.

Besides, more than 1,000 members were maimed and 2,000 others were injured, he said.

About the “gunfights”, the Rab official mentioned that they opened fire only for self-defense when they are attacked by the criminals during drives.

The Rab, the director, however, said they have not been informed officially about the sanction but they came to know about it from the media.

Appropriate steps will be taken once they are informed officially, he said.

Moin said Rab’s initiatives made Sundarbans robber-free with around 326 rehabilitated. Besides, many militants take the right path due to Rab’s activities.

None is above the law in the force, he said adding that Rab always takes strict action against its force members who violate the law.