Emon will be interrogated by DB, Mahi will also be called

State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr. Mahiya Mahira. Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Branch (DB) police have questioned the filmmaker Emon over the leak of Murad Hasan’s phone conversation. He was interrogated at the intelligence office on Mintu Road in the capital on Monday night (December 6).

A source in the Dhaka Metropolitan Police confirmed the matter to the press. Sources said he was brought in for questioning over a phone conversation with the minister. He was asked about the talks with the minister.

The source further said that actress Mahiya Mahi will also be questioned. Mahi is out of the country now. He will actually be called to questioning. You will be asked about the conversation that took place with the Minister.

Dhaka Metropolitan Detective (DB) Deputy Commissioner of Police (DC) Mashiur Rahman said, “We called Emon. We talked to the minister about his phone conversations and various issues. ‘

Earlier, a phone conversation between Mahi and Murad Hasan was leaked on social media. The state minister spoke to Mahir on the phone in obscene language. At that time he asked Mahi to meet him. Express your immoral desires. He even threatened to kill the actress.