Alesha Mart’s announces closure of activities

The official activities of e-commerce company Alesha Mart have been announced. The announcement was made in a post on the company’s verified Facebook page on Wednesday (December 2) at 3 pm.

The Facebook post said, “All of Alesha Mart’s official activities will be closed from today until further notice due to unwelcome and security reasons.” Yesterday (December 1) we were forced to make such a decision because some people in our office raised their hands against the office bearers and tried to use force. ‘

Alesha Mart comes to the discussion with the people of the country with all the incredible offers. Following in their footsteps, customers have invested heavily in Alesha Mart. At present customers are not getting investment money or products from them. Checks given to customers are also being returned from the bank. As a result, investors’ worries are increasing.

Alesha Mart started selling products online on January 1, 2021. They have collected crores of rupees from the customers in the name of giving products. Later, it was alleged that the product was not delivered to many customers.

Among e-commerce companies, Alesha Marte does not have cash on delivery (COD) or payment after receiving the product. As a result, if you want to buy products there, you must pay in advance online. Customers are reassured about the product a few months after payment. Due to opacity in the transaction of Alesha Mart, the development authority stopped the transaction with the company on July 17.