Govt strictly monitoring fertilizer prices: agriculture minister

Agriculture Minister Muhammad Abdur Razzaque has directed the field-level officials to keep a close watch to ensure that the fertilizers are not sold at a higher price than the price fixed by the government.

The minister, addressing a meeting on the progress of the annual development program at the secretariat today, also instructed the officials to strengthen their monitoring to ensure an adequate supply of fertilizers at the farmer level.

“Both dignities of the government and the production of crops are involved with the fertilizer. In case of any crisis of fertilizer, it will affect crop production and tarnish the image of the government,” Razzaque said.

Therefore, the officials should be conscious so that the supply and price of fertilizers are not manipulated and black marketed anywhere in the country, he said.

Razzaque said there is a sufficient supply of fertilizer in the country and the government will not increase the prices of fertilizer though the prices have tripled in the international market.

The field-level officials will have to keep a close watch so that no one can take the opportunity to create an artificial crisis of fertilizer on the pretext of price hikes in the international market, he added.

In the meeting, the minister also urged the project directors to complete their projects on time maintaining quality.

According to the meeting sources, a total of 70 projects of Tk 2,918 crore are underway under the ministry in the current 2021-22 fiscal year. The implementation progress of the projects has been 16.28 percent until October 2021. At this time, the national average progress has been 12.50 percent.