NBR wants bank account details of actor Shakib Khan

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has asked banks to send account details of actor Shakib Khan in order to assess his actual income.

Banks have been asked to send account information of the actor along with his family members who are dependent on income earned by Khan, according to a letter by the NBR.

The tax authority has directed banks to furnish info of all types of bank accounts including savings and current ones and investment in the savings certificates made by Shakib.

On top of that, banks will have to submit the information of the transaction of foreign currency account, credit card maintained by Shakib. The NBR also wanted info regarding the actor’s asset at banks’ locker and vault.

The NBR asked the bank to submit the transaction figures and assets that were settled or were kept in the locker and vault between July 2013 and June 2021.

There have been some mismatches between the income and expenditure mentioned by Shakib at his income return, said a senior official of the NBR seeking to remain unnamed.

Against the backdrop, the NBR has taken the initiative to assess his actual income, the official said, adding that this is a regular work of the tax authority.

An official of a commercial bank said that they had received the letter on Thursday and now working on it.