‘Train to Busan’ director teases the third movie in series

Noted filmmaker Yeon Sang-ho revealed that he has some ideas for a third film in the “Train to Busan” series.

“There are a lot of ideas I’ve been tossing around but I personally think that for Train to Busan, I would like to continue that as a film series,” Sang-ho said to Variety.

“In Korea, the circumstances are not very favorable to create a series in Korean with visuals that are comparable to ‘Train to Busan’ the film and also, you know, I have to work with the distributor that we started on the original film as well. So, I think taking into consideration all of those conditions, a film series would be the most feasible,” mentioned the “Hellbound” director.

Sang-ho also said that he’d take a similar approach to a third film as he did to “Peninsula”. As fans may recall, “Train to Busan” and “Peninsula” essentially take place within the same universe, with “Peninsula” serving as a standalone sequel to the first film.

“I would say that – in terms of that universe – they’ll all become related together,” Sang-ho said. “Peninsula was a post-apocalyptic film that focused on car chases. The story that I’m thinking about after that would be closer to Train to Busan, where the story will be carried out in a small and restricted space. That’s something that I have in mind currently. So in terms of the genre, you could say that it’s between ‘Train to Busan’ and ‘Peninsula.”

Meanwhile, the director’s super hit show “Hellbound” rose to the top of Netflix’s global Top 10 non-English shows.

Yeon Sang-ho also spoke up to Variety on whether there would be a second season. “I wouldn’t say it’s a second season, but writer Choi Gyu Seok and I had been creating a story since the summer about what happens afterward. We recently decided that we will work on the next story as a cartoon. I think we’ll be able to showcase the next part as a cartoon around the second half of next year. There aren’t any concrete plans for a live-action adaptation, so we’ll have to discuss that in the future.”