Student executed for taking squid game to North Korea

A student has been sentenced to death in North Korea for trafficking and selling Netflix’s popular series ‘Squid Game’. It is learned that his death sentence will be carried out by firing squad.

Seven schoolchildren have been arrested for watching a violent squid game via a USB flash drive. According to a report by Radio Free Asia, a student smuggled a copy of a squid game on a USB drive. Then he sells it. Seven students at a North Korean high school have been detained for trying to seduce a minor.

It is learned that the student took a copy of the squid game from China to North Korea. One student has been sentenced to life in prison and six others to five years of hard labor for buying a copy of a squid game. The family of the student, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, was also fined three thousand US dollars.

The scope of punishment has also been given to those students in the school. Teachers and school administrators have been fired. They have been deported to work in remote mines.

The New Zealand Herald reported, citing local sources, that the student, who had smuggled squid games from China, had spread to the area that his death sentence would be in the firing squad. Last week, the student brought a squid game on a pen drive and showed it to one of his classmates. Then a few more see it.

A law enforcement official in the northern province of Hamgeyong told Radio Free Asia on Monday that the student had reported the matter to his classmates after watching a squid game. Then, if others are interested, they are given a copy of the squid game on a pen drive in exchange for money. Later, seven people were caught by the law enforcement agencies.

Source: NZ Herald.