Khaleda Zia’s latest health condition

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia was last admitted to the hospital on November 13. Although he was admitted with fever, now he is suffering from various complications. Earlier, he had spent 28 days in the hospital. Then his biopsy was done. Begum Zia was also attacked in Corona last April. This time BNP is more vocal to send him abroad for treatment. However, there has been no response from the government yet

BNP wants to take it abroad quickly

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s physical complications are increasing. In the last two days, with the old problems, the doctors are rethinking things like bleeding inside his body. For this, he had to go through some more tests on Wednesday evening.

Sources close to Khaleda Zia’s treatment confirmed the information and told that she had recently undergone endoscopy and colonoscopy. However, the place of bleeding could not be identified.

The BNP has given a new eight-day program to demand that Khaleda Zia be sent abroad for such treatment. The BNP has urged not to listen to any rumors about Khaleda Zia.

As part of the previous program, a memorandum was given to the deputy commissioner by the party across the country yesterday. At a press conference, Dr. Khaleda Zia demanded to be sent abroad. Jafrullah. The Nationalist Ulema Party held a prayer meeting at the party office in Naya Paltan yesterday afternoon to seek Khaleda Zia’s recovery.

According to the doctors, Khaleda Zia has become very weak physically. Less appetite. The level of hemoglobin in the blood is not under control due to internal bleeding. According to the doctors on duty, he had to give blood last Tuesday night.

Sources said that Khaleda Zia’s physical condition did not deteriorate till last night. He is talking.

Earlier, Khaleda Zia’s personal physician AZM Zahid Hossain told, “Members of the medical board sat down yesterday afternoon. They gave Madame some experiments. Once they are done, they will review and suggest new ones. ‘

Announcing the eight-day program

Mirza Fakhrul Islam answered various questions of the journalists at a press conference after a joint meeting of the party at the party’s central office in Naya Paltan yesterday afternoon. He said, “Khaleda Zia’s condition is very bad. As much as possible for the doctors, they are doing their best. ‘

Mirza Fakhrul added, “You will call me directly about Madam. I will let you know. There are still some rumors today. I think it is very clever that some quarters are spreading rumors with malicious intent. ‘

Fakhrul Islam said, “We are starting this program from Thursday to demand the release of Madam and her medical treatment abroad.” This program will depend entirely on Begum Zia’s physical condition. This program may be changed if necessary. We will let you know when we need it. ”

In the eight-day program, the BNP will hold a two-day program and its affiliates a four-day program. The BNP will hold a prayer meeting in mosques and religious places of worship across the country on November 26 and a rally at the divisional headquarters on November 30 to seek Khaleda Zia’s immediate recovery. Juba Dal on 25 November, Swechchhasebak Dal on 26 November, Chhatra Dal on 4 December, and Krishak Dal on 3 December.

The BNP secretary general condemned the police obstruction and attack on a rally on November 22 in Khulna, Narsingdi, Natore, Satkhira, Barguna, and other places demanding the release of Khaleda Zia and her medical treatment abroad.

BNP standing committee member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, central leaders Amanullah Aman, Abdus Salam, Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, Khairul Kabir Khokon, Shyama Obaid, Abdus Salam Azad, and other leaders of the party were present at the press conference.

Memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner

As part of the nationwide program, Dhaka Deputy Commissioner at 11:30 yesterday. A delegation led by BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi handed over a memorandum to Shahidul Islam. Rizvi later told reporters, “Khaleda Zia has been imprisoned for three years in a false case. As we have said before, he has been imprisoned for exhaustion. Proof of this is that Khaleda Zia is now fighting to the death in the hospital.

He should be sent abroad today

Dr. went to the hospital to see Khaleda Zia last Tuesday evening. Some leaders of political and civil society including Jafrullah Chowdhury. In this regard, a press conference was held at the city public health center in the capital yesterday morning demanding the release and medical treatment of Khaleda Zia. At the press conference, Jafrullah Chowdhury said, “Khaleda Zia’s condition is very serious. He should be sent abroad today for better treatment. I can’t say how long, how many minutes, how many days Khaleda Zia will live. But the law minister and the prime minister will be held responsible for the killings. ”

“Six doctors from the medical board told me the details yesterday,” Zafarullah said. When we went on Tuesday, Khaleda Zia was being given blood. I have also treated such diseases in the bill. He has been kept alive with blood. The doctors tried till 3 o’clock at night. ‘

Addressing the judiciary, Jafrullah said, “There is a thing called Suyomoto rule. Why can’t judges today grant bail to a dying patient like Khaleda Zia? Khaleda Zia’s vitality is decreasing every minute. ‘

Addressing the President, he said the President could have gone to the hospital to see Khaleda Zia. Addressing the law minister, he said, “Don’t play any more Vanumati games. Please send Khaleda Zia abroad today for better treatment. ‘

Joining the press conference in a video conference, Dhaka University Professor Asif Nazrul said, “Prime Minister, you should set an example by providing her (Khaleda Zia) with advanced treatment abroad.”

Calling the journalists

Two thousand 572 journalists have demanded the government to release Khaleda Zia and provide her with better medical treatment abroad. Riaz Uddin Ahmed, Alamgir Mohiuddin, Amanullah, Abul Asad, Shawkat Mahmud, Rezwan Siddiqui, Quader Gani Chowdhury, Kamal Uddin Sabuj, Ilias Khan, and others are among the signatories of the statement sent to the newspaper yesterday.

Qur’an recitation and prayer mahfil

The nationalist ulama party held a Qur’an recitation and prayer gathering on the second floor of the BNP’s central office in Naya Paltan yesterday afternoon to seek Khaleda Zia’s recovery.

BNP leader Ruhul Kabir Rizvi was present among others, Member Secretary of the Fisheries Party. Abdur Rahim, Ulema party convener Shah Mohammad Nesarul Haque, Member Secretary Principal Nazrul Islam Talukder, Women’s Party Sultana Ahmed, and others.

Qur’an recitation and prayer mahfil

The nationalist ulama party held a Qur’an recitation and prayer gathering on the second floor of the BNP’s central office in Naya Paltan yesterday afternoon to seek Khaleda Zia’s recovery.

BNP leader Ruhul Kabir Rizvi was present among others, Member Secretary of the Fisheries Party. Abdur Rahim, Ulema party convener Shah Mohammad Nesarul Haque, Member Secretary Principal Nazrul Islam Talukder, Women’s Party Sultana Ahmed, and others.

The government is looking into the legal aspects

Khaleda Zia’s health is in critical condition. However, after the rumors about Khaleda Zia’s illness last Tuesday night, the government is thinking a little new.

Initially, the law ministry was working on an earlier application by Khaleda Zia’s brother Shamim Eskander. State Minister for Information Murad Hasan also said so yesterday. Other sources in the party have also given a hint to the press. An official of the Ministry of Home Affairs also told that there is some flexibility on the part of the government.

In the application made to the Home Minister, permission was sought to take Khaleda Zia abroad for treatment. Khaleda Zia was convicted in a corruption case. He has been allowed to stay at home after the government’s executive order suspended his sentence.

When asked, several leaders of the Awami League at the policy-making level told that the law ministry has been asked to look into the legal process for sending Khaleda Zia abroad. The government can be flexible in this regard after getting advice from the law ministry and getting the opinion of the doctors about Khaleda Zia’s physical condition.

However, no statement was received from the law ministry till last night. Home Ministry sources said that they have not yet received the opinion of the law ministry.

A number of government parties and government sources said that the government is now seriously considering the possible repercussions at home and abroad if Khaleda Zia’s health deteriorates while she is undergoing treatment or if an accident occurs. The government will decide what is needed when it thinks about everything.

State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murad Hasan spoke to reporters at his office in the Secretariat on Wednesday afternoon. “Khaleda Zia is old,” he said. At this age, there are some physical complications; Especially in women. In addition, he has previously been treated abroad for physical problems. We have sympathy for him. He is receiving the highest medical treatment in the country. The government is ensuring his maximum treatment. The law ministry is analyzing the treatment abroad. I pray that he recovers. ‘

According to Home Ministry sources, a government intelligence agency has also submitted a report to the Home Ministry on Khaleda Zia’s treatment and possible condition. It said the views of reputed lawyers could be sought to ascertain whether Khaled Zia could be sent abroad legally. It is also recommended to have a separate medical board with specialist doctors.

Besides, the report also warned that the BNP could create any kind of situation based on Khaleda Zia’s illness and worsen the law and order situation.

It is learned that police members have been instructed to remain vigilant across the country on Tuesday night. Field-level police members were also asked to cancel their leave and join their workplace.

According to several responsible sources of the police, rumors about Khaleda Zia’s physical condition; Special instructions have been given so that law and order do not deteriorate in the movement of half rent of students. Patrols and surveillance have been stepped up.

However, if you want to know the police headquarters AIG (Media and PR) said. Kamruzzaman said the police have been asked to be vigilant so that there is no more violence in the union council elections. Intelligence surveillance has also been increased. Similarly, it has been asked to increase patrol and surveillance in the capital so that there is no disturbance of law and order situation. The police officer requested not to listen to any rumors.