Approval of the application of Bangavax in the human body

The corona vaccine ‘Bangavax’ invented by Globe Biotech Limited, a Bangladeshi company, has been approved for clinical trial or application to the human body. Bangladesh Medical Research Council (BMRC) Director Prof. Md. This information was given in the letter signed by Ruhul Amin.

Earlier, Globe Biotech submitted a report on the results of the test conducted on BMRC on November 1. The BMRC’s National Research Ethics Committee met last Sunday. From the high-level meeting of that day, the approval of the test of the vaccine in the human body was matched.

November 1, Globe Biotech Limited, senior manager of the quality and regulatory department. Mohammad Mohiuddin told the media that through the submission of the report, all the observations including the preconditions of the clinical trial of BMRC have been properly answered. With the approval of BMRC, it will be possible to start testing this vaccine in the human body in November.

Dr. Mohammad Mohiuddin told yesterday, “We have received the moral approval of BMRC. Then the approval of the Department of Drug Administration is required. We are going to apply to the Department of Drug Administration. If the drug administration approves us through their advisory committee, we will begin the experimental application of it to the human body. We hope that this process will be completed very soon. ”

That being said, the Bangavax vaccine is made with natural pure mRNA (Messenger ribonucleic acid), so it has the potential to be the safest and most effective. The Bangavax vaccine is one dose. Globe Biotech tested the vaccine in rats and found 95 percent effectiveness. The vaccine is also proven to be 100% safe. Later, the monkey’s body was examined as per the instructions of BMRC. Preliminary results show that the vaccine is able to produce completely safe and effective antibodies in the monkey’s body. The next time the monkey’s body was seen in a challenge trial, the vaccine was 100% effective in all the variants of the corona.

Earlier, on January 17 this year, Globe Biotech submitted the protocol to BMRC for the first and second phase policy test of Bangavax.

The revised protocol was submitted on 16 February as per the demand of BMRC. On June 22, the BMRC allowed the testing of Bangavax on human bodies, although conditions had previously been set for testing on monkeys or chimpanzees. On August 1, the company started testing the monkey’s body, which ended on October 21.

Globe Biotech Limited, a subsidiary of Globe Pharmaceuticals Group of Companies Limited, a domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer, announced the discovery of the coronavirus vaccine for the first time in the country on July 2, 2020, after the corona was identified in Bangladesh. On 15 October, the World Health Organization included three vaccines in the Globe Biotech list of possible vaccines.

Globe Biotech Limited started its journey in 2015. The organization continues to contribute to the country’s health sector by setting up state-of-the-art laboratories for the production of biologics, novel drugs, and biosimilars for the treatment of cancer, arthritis, anemia, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, and other incurable diseases.