After a year and a half, the library of DU was opened

After a long year and a half, the library of Dhaka University was opened. With that the seminar rooms of the institute and the department are opening.

Students happy to open the library. They hope to be able to return to class physically soon.

Visiting the library this Sunday (September 26) morning, it was seen that the library authorities prevented the entry of students of other years besides Honors final year and Masters students in the library. Arguing with students about it. At one point all the students forced their way in and started arguing. Later Proctor came and took control of the situation. No student can enter outside of the instruction.

University Proctor Professor Golam Rabbani said, “We have opened the hall in the interest of the students. The university will open on the 5th. We have already opened the library. So that the students can study. ‘