Two killed in Tangail bus-truck-covered van collision

Two people have been killed in a collision between a bus, a truck and a covered van in Tangail’s Kalihati Upazila. Two more people were seriously injured at the time. Due to this accident, traffic jam has been created on both sides of the highway.

The incident took place at 10:30 am on Friday (September 24) in the Dhalatengar area of ​​Dhaka-Bangabandhu Bridge Highway Upazila. The injured were later rescued and sent to Tangail General Hospital.

Elenga fire service station official. Russell said a Dhaka-bound truck and a covered van collided with a bus coming from North Bengal in the Dhala Tengar area of ​​the highway on Friday (September 24) morning. The incident took place when one vehicle overtook another.