Yash has another 10-year-old son, publicly explosive information

Yash Dasgupta is a popular actor in Bengali cinema in India. He is also a model and politician. In recent times, he has been the most talked-about Tollywood actress and MP Nusrat Jahan.

Recently Nusrat gave birth to a son. His name is Ishan. Many people think that Yash is the father of this child. Because Yash has been with Nusrat in the morning work since the birth of the child.

This time another real explosive information. Yash has a 10-year-old son. Earlier, Yash had married a man. Her name is Shweta Singh Kalhans. This 10-year-old son is in that world.

Yash’s ex-wife Shwetai has revealed this explosive information.

It is learned that Shweta is a resident of Mumbai. He is a journalist. They separated three years ago.