Mahi got married secretly!

Mahiya Mahi is a popular actress in Dhaka cinema. From movies to personal life; Everything is currently under discussion. News of her divorce has been published recently. She has divorced her ex-husband Apu.

The actress is living a new life as a single. Meanwhile, rumors of a second marriage have been raised. However, he has tried to blow up the issue in the media several times. Ever avoided tactics.

The news of the new marriage came up for discussion after a recent Facebook post by Mahir. There, he claimed, Mahi will give a surprise on September 13. Many people think that he will bring the news of new marriage.

In the wake of that buzz, a new picture was aired, which is circulating through social media. In that film, Mahi is seen with a businessman and politician named Rakib Sarkar. The two are standing side by side. Mahir wears a sari and Rakib wears Punjabi. Basically, the rumor of the marriage of the two is provoking the clothes. However, Mahi and Rakib have not opened their mouths about this till now.