The principal of Azimpur School and College has been suspended for getting dirt in the classroom

Hashibur Rahman, principal of Azimpur School and College, has been suspended for finding dirt in the classroom. The officer in charge of the Department of Secondary and Higher Education (Maushi) has also been sacked. He was in charge of school cleanliness and hygiene supervision.

Sources in the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Education said this on Sunday. Education Minister Dipu Moni instructed the dismissal while inspecting the overall readiness to start activities in the classroom of the educational institution.

Direct teaching activities have been started in the educational institutions from Sunday in accordance with the health guidelines as per the government instructions. Dipu Moni says, ‘We often go everywhere without informing. If there is any violation of the rules, immediate action will be taken against those involved, be they teachers or officers of my department. ‘