Price of Hilsa goes beyond buying in Mirzaganj

Mehedi Hasan Mubin, Mirzaganj (Patuakhali)

Hilsa begins coming to the market of Mirzaganj. Although people flock to the market to buy delicious hilsa fish, the common people are struggling to taste the hilsa due to the high price. Depending on the weight, 1 kg of hilsa is being sold at tk 400 to tk 1,200.

The price of hilsa is beyond the purchasing power of the common man. Jatka type 10 inch hilsas are being sold at 300 to 400 tk per kg. Buyers do not want to buy these hilsas because they are not delicious. Hilsa weighing 300 to 400 grams is being sold at 500 to 600 tk per kg. Hilsa weighing 500 to 700 grams is being sold at tk 800/- to tk 900/-.

Hilsa weighing 200-300 grams per kg is being sold at a price of one thousand to twelve hundred tk per kg. These hilsas are completely beyond the purchasing power of the common man. Journalists went to a few markets in Mirzaganj and saw a scattering of hilsa. Buyers are also paying the price. But in the end, many are returning disappointed. Hilsa weighing tk 1,300 per kg is being demanded.

A buyer who came to buy hilsa in Subidkhali market said, I came to buy hilsa after seeing the news in the newspapers. We came to the market and saw a different picture. It is not possible to buy hilsa due to sky-reaching price. Talking to some fishermen in Vyang area of the upazila, it has been learned that a lot of hilsa has been caught in the nets for the last one week.

The wholesale price of hilsa is lower at the fish landing ghats. In the market it is doubling. The fishermen also said that those of us who stay in the river day and night to catch fish do not get the right price.