Magura Horticulture Centre has got success in avocado cultivation

Magura Correspondent:

Magura Horticulture Center has succeeded in producing avocados in Magura. Avocado cultivation as a foreign fruit is becoming popular in Magura day by day. It is a very fancy fruit. So many people have found success by planting saplings in the backyard or on the roof. The fruit looks like a pear even in dark green color. Delicious to eat, rich in many nutrients, this fruit contains vitamin C, minerals, sugars and proteins.
Md. Rokunuzzaman, a horticulturist at the Magura Horticulture Center said, Avocado is a nutritious foreign fruit. We are selling seedlings from the mother tree at the Horticulture Center. This fruit looks a lot like guava or pear. The color is dark green. When the fruit ripens, the inside looks like butter. Very tasty to eat. .
Hefurther said, that this fruit of Central America is now growing in Bangladesh. Due to its nutritional value and high value, many people have become interested in avocado cultivation. Magura Horticulture has taken initiative to expand the cultivation including making fruit saplings. Avocado is one of the first fruits in the world. Although it is a native fruit of Mexico and Central America, it is in demand all over the world due to its nutritional value. Avocado cultivation is also expanding in Bangladesh.
Sushanta Kumar Pramanik, Deputy Director of the Magura Agricultural Extension Department, said, Avocado is a nutritious foreign fruit. We have had success cultivating avocados at the Horticulture Center. Maternal care and sapling production has started here. We have been advising to plant these fruit saplings on the roofs of houses including various government offices in the district. This fruit contains antioxidants that help the body fight disease. Moreover, this fruit also works to prevent cancer and diabetics. This fruit has already been cultivated in many districts of Bangladesh. Therefore, I think this result will play a very helpful role in the Economic development of Bangladesh. Not just imports. In the future, if avocado is cultivated in this country, we will be able to export it abroad.