Khadija Begum is a successful woman entrepreneur in dragon farming in Jaldhaka

Manjur Morshed Raja, Jaldhaka(Nilphamari)

Khadija Begum, wife of late Nazrul Islam of Sunogar 7th ward of Kaimari union of Jaldhaka upazila,Nilphamari has made a splash in the area by cultivating dragon fruit on 0.16 acres of land. She became the first woman agri-entrepreneur in the upazila to achieve this commercial success.Khadiza’s husband died on May 29, 2014. Khadija became lonely after her husband death. Khadija Begum has two sons. At present they are out of the area for higher education.His sons used to bring two saplings as a hobby. Then he started this garden as a hobby to spend his loneliness.Khadija Begum’s dragon farming started from here.

At present there are 260 dragon fruit trees in her garden. Earlier this land was left vacant. Later when she started to turn this land into a garden, Khadija Begum’s initiative to plant this garden started. At present Khadija Begum spends her time alone in this garden. He is taking this garden home with self-care and intensive care.

However, Khadija Begum has started to get huge success by cultivating the national dragon fruit of Vietnam.Dragon Fruit Farm was built commercially on 0.16 acres land. In Corona, he wants to sell dragon fruit several times as well as spread the cultivation of this fruit among the farmers of the country.Khadija Begum said that, in June 2016, she started a dragon orchard on 0.16 acres of land with only 260 saplings.

Khadija Begum who has been successful in cultivating new fruit dragons.Looking at his dragon farm from a distance, it seems that someone has planted cactus on his own. Going a little closer, you will be dazzled by a different kind of farm full of flowers and a red fruit. Each tree has fruits, flowers, buds and ripe dragons.

She has cultivated red, yellow and white dragon fruit. In the meantime, her tree is about 3 years old.Flowers have started to come. Fruits can be collected within 30 to 40 days of flowering. Each fruit weighs 250-500 grams. In addition, 100 to 150 fruits can be obtained from a full grown tree. Yield is possible up to the age of. So far, 120 kg of dragon fruit has been sold. Whose market price is wholesale per kg 4 hundred TK.
Now a minimum of 10 kg of dragon fruit is being sold every week. Dragon saplings are now being sold from his farm every day. Each dragon sapling is being sold at 50 TK.

Talking to Md. Shahadat Hossain, an agronomist of Jaldhaka Agricultural Extension Department, he said, “We have visited Khadija Begum’s garden.”
In 2016, Khadija Begum started small-scale gardening and after starting gardening, her attitude changed. Later, she started gardening activities commercially and became financially well-off. The garden is the objective of the present government. If everyone in the vicinity of the homestead takes this initiative on a small scale without leaving a piece of land vacant, then I hope that our country’s agribusiness will be successful as well as meet the nutritional needs of the country.