Rony and Priyanka Gope sing to the tune of Yousuf

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Tanbeer Dawood Rony is a dedicated musician in Bangladesh. Basically he is a key-boardist. He has been associated with Meghdal since 2009 and Parthiv since 2011. However, he is also a vocalist of the ‘Parthiv’ group. In addition to his career in music, he has been working in a private bank since 2004. He is currently working at Eastern Bank. Tanbeer Dawood Rony has a special role in becoming a music director of Yousuf Ahmed Khan. It is wrong to say that it was mainly Rony who inspired him to become a music director.
On the other hand. Priyanka Gope is constantly captivating the music-loving listeners of this country with her very sweet voice. Although she stayed at home for a long time due to Corona, she was regularly involved in online classes. She became the mother of her second child more than a year ago. That’s why the family, the children have to give a little more time. For the first time, Rony and Priyanka sang a song together to the tune of Yusuf. The title of the song is ‘Choker Tara’. The song was written by Shakhawat Hossain Maruf and the music was arranged under the direction of Yusuf.
The song from the Yusufiana project will be released on the YouTube channel ‘Y Beats’. Regarding the song, Tanbeer Dawood Rony said, “Yusuf has really done a wonderful tune. Yusuf has proved that there is a special thing to memorize the melody in harmony with the words by composing this song. Why do I think everyone will like the song. ‘Priyanka Gope said,’ In the words of Maruf Bhai, Yusuf’s tune is a wonderful song. I sang with Rony Bhai, it’s a great thing for me. Yusuf’s tone has the effect of a hidden anger. But the idea of the song overwhelms it. I am very happy to be able to sing the song.
Another very good song was added to my original song Rag. ‘ This song is just an expression of respect and love for him. Rony Bhai played the piano in the concert of this song, it is my absolute find. And Priyanka Didi is the best music genius we have ever seen. Her position in Bengali music is very strong. It is known that the song will be released soon after making the music video.