Cox’s Bazar North Forest Department returns wild elephant herds to wildlife sanctuary

Shahjahan Chowdhury Shahin, Cox’s Bazar

Herds of wild elephants now enter the neighborhood.Because more and more installations are being built in elephant corridors or habitats.Elephant roaming areas are being occupied by humans. After 36 hours, the forest department has been able to send back the herd of wild elephants that had entered the locality in Chakaria of Cox’s Bazar. On Saturday (August 28) at 7:30 pm, it was possible to send 19 small and large wild elephant herds back to the forest ( Chakoria Fansiakhali Wildlife Sanctuary), said Fansiakhali Range Officer Md.Mazharul Islam.
According to local sources, around 8 am on Friday (August 27) in the Chiramora area of ​​Surajpur-Manikpur Union of Chakaria Upazila,19 herds of small and large wild elephants entered the locality in search of food. For the last two days, the herd of wild elephants has been roosting in the surrounding areas.As a result, there was anxiety and panic among the people of the area.The elephant herd was chased by the agitated locals.A pedestrian named Sabur Alam was injured in the attack.He was rescued and admitted to Chakaria Government Hospital.He is currently undergoing treatment at Chakaria Hospital.Meanwhile, the Cox’s Bazar North Forest Department took initiative to return the herd of wild elephants to the Fansiakhali Wildlife Sanctuary when people started clashing with the elephants.
According to the Forest Department, Cox’s Bazar North Forest Department Forest Officer.Under the overall direction of Tahidul Islam and Rafiqul Islam Chowdhury,Divisional Forest Officer, Chittagong Wildlife Management and Nature Conservation Department, and under the leadership of Assistant Forest Conservator Sohail Rana, a campaign was launched on Saturday evening to return the elephants to the forest.At 7:30 pm, the forest workers were able to safely return the herd of wild elephants to the Fansiakhali Wildlife Sanctuary.
Dr. Mostafizur Rahman, Assistant Veterinary Surgeon of Dulahazara Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Assistant Forest Conservator Fulchhari and other bit officers and forest workers took part in the operation.
Fansiakhali range officer Mazharul Islam said, “By the grace of God, it has been possible to send the herd of wild elephants back to Phansiakhali Wildlife Sanctuary safely without any clashes.”He also sought the sympathy of the human race for the protection of all wildlife including wild elephants.
According to the locals, the wild elephants have now entered the locality. Because more and more installations are being built in elephant corridors or habitats.Elephant roaming places are being occupied by people day by day.As a result, people are obstructing the movement of elephants, so elephants are also starting to harm people.Establishments have been set up in all the areas where elephant herds roam or ride.Forests are also being cut down.On the other hand, there has been a crisis in elephant food. So the elephants have become desperate, the locals are wandering in search of food.
They say that twenty-one centuries ago the mountains were green and now the mountains have become bald.There is still time.Let’s all try to save the natural resources.The locals think that the government and the forest department should take up a larger project with wild elephants.
Mohammad Tahidul Islam, Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of Cox’s Bazar North Forest Department, said illegal structures have sprung up in the elephant corridor on the road.For which elephants have now begun to clash with humans.
The DFO further said that the places where wild elephants roam have been occupied by human beings.The Forest Department has already conducted awareness workshops on miking and local headmen and dignitaries on its own initiative.The workshop taught how to protect yourself from elephant attacks.Also, what to do when you see wild elephants has been taught in the training workshop. Apart from taking forestry initiatives funded by the forest department so that elephants can collect elephant food so that they do not come to the locality, Fansiakhali Wildlife Sanctuary has been created.