Self-reliant Nasir Ali sells various products by ferry

Nandail (Mymensingh)
Md. Nasir Ali (29) is a resident of Shibganj upazila of Chapainawabganj.  He lacks family with his parents and wife. He has grown up in a world of lack.  He spent his days in poverty until he grew up. He never saw the face of happiness. He never ate good food.  After spending half a day in starvation and starvation, he has returned to his family with prosperity.
Birkamat talks to Nasir Ali in Khali village.  Md. In pursuit of life and livelihood.Nasir Ali’s family left his family and sold various things by ferry to different villages of Nandail in Mymensingh.He sells all his daily necessities on a bicycle. He sells steel dishes, tiffin boxes, mugs, plastic bowls, buckets, trays, wrappers, ball vessels, erections, locks, banks, spoons and toys. Car, pour, salt shaker, vessel, tools, plastic photos, children’s toys, pickles, ribbons, and about 100 kinds of things including cosmetics.He has items worth 50 paise to a maximum of 100 rupees in his shop.He used to buy these goods from the capital Dhaka.
Before 8 in the morning, they started shouting in groups in the villages.There are 40 people in their group.They live in a rented house in the local Madhupur Bazar.The rural areas are full of their various rhythmic sentences. Although the men of the house are a little annoyed by their calls, the women continue to listen when the peddlers come.
Housewife of Birkamat Khali village of the upazila Raushan Ara, Romela Akhter said, it is not possible to go to the market to buy the necessary things for the busyness of the family.These products are sold by the peddlers by calling. It is affordable for both buyers and sellers.
Nasir Ali, a peddler, has seen success in all kinds of business ventures in pursuit of his well-known livelihood. The peddlers are successfully making a living in this business.
He has been married for three years. No children yet. Has studied a little in primary school.  He has also worked as a day laborer for some days due to lack of money. Nasir Ali said that he could not afford a small income and had been traveling from village to village for 7 years.
He also said that the business is doing well. Most of its buyers are women and children in the village. Those who do not go to the market for shopping.They buy various things from him. Children buy different colorful toys. Unlike other businesses, nothing else is sold.  He can sell things for 500 to 800 Tk. per day. Especially during the two Eids, Pahela Baishakh and Puja, his sales are the highest. Excluding all expenses, he has an income of 10 to 15 thousand Tk per month. Every day he goes to different villages of the upazila by ferry. I don’t go to the same village every day.  Go to one village every 15 days. It is good to sell.  Take home with lunch. As soon as it was afternoon, he sat down for a while and took some food.
He said that after a month or two, he ran away from home to his loved ones.He is having a good time with his parents and wife.  Prosperity has returned to his family by ferry.