BRTA issues vehicle licenses as well as Aedes mosquito licenses, the scene saddened me: Mayor Atiqul Islam

Dhaka North City Corporation DNCC Mayor Atiqul Islam says it seems that Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) is issuing licenses for vehicles as well as Aedes mosquito licenses, which is very sad. He said this while inspecting the implementation of the slogan "10 minutes every Saturday at 10 am, cleaning one's own house" and a special campaign to eradicate mosquitoes to speed up the ongoing social movement for recovery in the Mirpur area of ​​the capital on Saturday morning.

DNCC mayor said the BRTA office in Mirpur has been turned into a factory for the production of Aedes mosquito larvae, with billions of larvae visible in various places inside the office and regular cases have been filed against it. Mr Atiqul Islam said necessary legal action is being taken if Aedes larvae are found in any private, government or non-government building. He said that it is not
possible for anyone to eradicate Aedes mosquito alone, but through joint efforts of all to keep their homes and surroundings clean and tidy, Aedes mosquito breeding and dengue situation must be controlled.

DNCC mayor said that they have to take care that their homes or offices are not flooded for more than three days. Atiqul Islam said that considering the density of Aedes mosquitoes, the week-long special campaign to eradicate mosquitoes in the presence of local councilors and responsible officials in these 8 wards 10, 11, 14, 17, 20 and 35 of DNCC will continue till October 2. He said that in the house where the dengue patient has been identified, arrangements have been made to spray effective medicine to destroy the Aedes mosquito larvae in and around the house.
DNCC mayor said no one has the right to occupy sidewalks or roads, they are built for public use. Therefore, those who have occupied the sidewalks or roads have to leave the occupation at their own risk, otherwise necessary measures will be taken.
During the inspection, under the direction of Atiqul Islam, illegally constructed shops were demolished by bulldozers with the help of local people.
Speaking as the chief guest at a public awareness seminar on prevention of Aedes mosquito, dengue and chikungunya in the hall room of Adarsh ​​High School, he said, it must be transformed into a beautiful and modern city.
DNCC mayor further said that the ongoing social movement should be successful
by implementing the slogan "Let's clean our houses 10 minutes every Saturday at
10 am" by avoiding shame for our own well-being.