Networker Baire’ actors injured in deadly car crash

Nazifa Tushi, Sariful Razz, Khairul Basar – the actors, recently starred in the super-hit web film “Networker Baire”, were injured in a road accident early Friday.
The accident took place around 3:00 am at Gulshan Avenue in the capital.

Confirming the information, actor Khairul Basar said that the car carrying them hit an electric pole near Gulshan Avenue as its driver lost control over the steering, instantly ramshackling the vehicle.

“I am still traumatized,” said Basar, adding: “We were instantly admitted to United Hospital’s emergency ward”.

A witness said that immediately after the accident the police rushed to the scene and recovered the car. The injured were rescued and sent to the hospital. They are currently being treated at United Hospital. All of them are now doing well.

Raj and Tusi’s performance in the super-hit web film “Networker Baire” has been highly praised. The web film, directed by Mizanur Rahman Aryan, was released on Chorki.