184 more dengue patients hospitalized in 24hrs

A total of 184 people were hospitalized with dengue across the country in the preceding 24 hours but no death was reported, according to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). So far, 38 people have died of dengue across the country.
Health Emergency Operations Center and Control Room of the Directorate of Health said this in a regular online bulletin on Friday.

Of the new dengue patients, Dhaka alone saw 169 people being admitted to hospitals in 24 hours. The rest 15 are from outside Dhaka.

According to the Department of Health (DGHS), 1032 people have been admitted to different hospitals across the country. Of them, 905 are admitted in Dhaka while the rest 127 are taking treatment in different hospitals outside Dhaka.

According to DGHS, 9,304 people have been hospitalized with dengue since January this year. Of them, 8,230 have been released from the hospital.