Unimaginable success in Bagda cultivation of Samar Das in Dumuria

Dumuria Correspondent:

Unimaginable success in Baghda(one kind of shrimp) cultivation of Samar Das, an innovative farmer from Dumuria, hopes to earn crores of money. After passing BA, he became frustrated with his job and worked as a manager for 4 years. Then he worked in a fish company for 10 years but could not concentrate on anything. The thirst was to do something on one’s own, to be self-sufficient. He finally contacted the Upazila Fisheries Department to fulfill his dream. He took advice from the Upazila Fisheries Office. Then he did not have to look back.

This was the success story of Samar Das, a farmer from Kapilmuni, Khulna. Samar Das’s Guest Fisheries Project at Ghurunia Village, Shibnagar, Magurkhali Union, Dumuria Upazila. Now the youth of the surrounding villages are also happy to hear the story of his success. Every day someone goes to see Samar Das’s shrimp project, called ‘Otithi Aquaculture’. Not only the villagers but also the senior fisheries officials are visiting the shrimp farms at different times.

Dumuria Upazila Executive Officer Mohammad Abdul Wadud and Senior Upazila Fisheries Officer Mohammad Abubakar Siddique inspected the project on August 14. They cast their nets and sample the fish. Everyone is satisfied with the health of the fish. Samar Das is very happy that the officers became self-employed and threw nets around him. Samar Das cultivates Bagda in 11 ponds with an area of ​​1.5 hectares. The ponds have turned into raw gold mines. The villagers now know Samar by one name, who had achieved unimaginable success by cultivating shrimp in the pond. He started cultivating Baghda in a modern way.

This year he prepared 7 ponds for cultivation. Of which 6 ponds cover 3500 sq.m. and 1 pond covers 2000 sq.m. He stocks 25 virus-free SPF renu per square meter. Production target has been set for 20 metrick tons. Recently, the history of 45-50 day old shrimp dying in EMS plague has changed and the shrimps grow normally in 20 to 30 days. Last year, he produced from the same reservoir on 16 metrick tons of Baghdad. Samar Das said that on the advice of the fisheries officer, he farmed a mixture of shrimp, bhangan, persia and carp.

This reduces the chances of shrimp plague. Because even if the shrimp is diseased for some reason, the carp fish eats the infected fish. This relieves other shrimp infections. It can be seen on the ground that he is using aerators in every enclosure to ensure oxygen supply to the shrimp. The oxygen, salinity and PH of the water are measured daily. Renu stock salinity is more than 12 ppt, later it drops to 5 ppt. The PH of water is between 6.5 to 7.5. One of the biggest specialties of Samar Das’s farm is that he grows commercially offseason watermelon, tomato, papaya, lemon, pepper, cucumber, barbati, squid, gourd, polla, chichinga, pumpkin, sweet pumpkin, squash.

Cultivates different kinds of vegetables. He said that he will get additional 10 lakh taka from vegetables. In just 66 days of intensive care, each PL shrimp has weighed 15 grams. The shrimp will cost him Tk 1 crore with food, electricity, medicine and maintenance. Samar Das said that if he sells shrimp, he will get around one crore taka profit. He added that people are now coming from nearby villages and far and wide to see his shrimp pond. He likes it. Never bother.

If the government goes ahead, the curse of unemployment will be removed from him and many others. Many people will get wind of their dreams if they get a loan from the bank on easy terms. Samar Das’s farm currently employs 13 people. Whose salary spends lakhs of taka every month. Dumuria Upazila Senior Fisheries Officer Abubakar Siddique said Samar Das is a very skilled shrimp farmer. He started the farm in 2020. He is being given all kinds of technical advice from the Fisheries Department. Khulna District Fisheries Officer Joydev Pal said Samar Das is a role model for other Baghda farmers. Entrepreneurs like him in the fisheries sector will play a major role in increasing the country’s export earnings.