Low-lying areas of port city go to waist-deep water

The low-lying parts of Chattogram city have again gone under knee-high to waist-deep water, severely disrupting the lives of the city dwellers due to heavy rainfall accompanied by the gusty wind.

Many of the city’s low-lying areas, including Sholoshohor Gate No 2, Agrabad, Prabartak Circle, Chawkbazar, Muradpur, Shulakbahar, Bahaddarhat, Pahartali, Kalamia Bazar, Kalurghat, Chandgaon, and Bakalia are already under knee-high or waist-deep water.

The commuters, including office-goers, day laborers, and apparel factory workers, suffered immensely due to the incessant downpour.

There were serious disruptions in normal public life as well as all sorts of business activities due to incessant dazzling.

Weather the forecast says deep convection is taking shape over the North Bay due to strong monsoon, and squally weather may affect adjoining coastal areas of the country.

Moreover, the Met Office also warned that the torrential rain might trigger landslides in some parts of the port city.

Officials of the Chattogram Port Authority said overall operational activities of the country’s prime seaport remained uninterrupted, but unloading of bulk cargoes from the ships was partially hampered during the rain.

According to Patenga Met Office, 110.8 mm rainfall was recorded in the last 24 hours, as of 6 pm on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a youth named Salamat, 34, went missing into the rainwater this morning.