Hurricane Henry disrupts public life of eight states in USA

Hurricane Henry hit eight states on the northeastern coast of the United States at a speed of 95 kilometers per hour after noon on Sunday (August 22).

The Category 1 cyclone struck off the coast of Rhode Island. Tennessee has been hit by flash floods. The death toll in the state has risen to 22.

Hurricane Henry hit Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York last Sunday afternoon.

The entire area has been devastated by the cyclone. Many plants have been uprooted. Several states, including New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts, continued to receive heavy rainfall as a result of the hurricane.

The state of Tennessee has been swept away by flash floods. Damage is caused by a sudden fire in a car stuck inside the rubble. Bridges and roads have also been damaged. Communications is being disrupted. Many are trapped in the floods. Local authorities have started working with helicopters to rescue them.

According to the National Hurricane Center in the United States, more than 74,000 residents have lost power due to the cyclone.
In the meantime, more than 20,000 people have lost power in Connecticut. The residents of the area have suffered in this. Coastal residents have been evacuated due to fears of flooding in New York and New England.