Holidays in educational institutions being extended

Considering the safety and security of students, the government is likely to extend the ongoing holidays of all educational institutions further in a bid to tackle the coronavirus outbreaks.

Officials at the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education indicated that educational institutions would be opened at the end of September.

At first, universities and university-level colleges will be reopened. Later, primary and secondary schools will be reopened. Holidays of primary and secondary schools will be expanded. There is a decision to hold SSC examinations in November and HSC in December.

According to sources, National University and seven colleges affiliated to the Dhaka University have already announced to take exams physically. Other universities will announce later this month.

Sources in the Ministry of Education say that even if the educational institutions are reopened, all the teachers and students will have to take part in the classes and examinations in compliance with the health rules.