Amit Hasan makes debut as lyricist

Although everyone knows Amit Hasan as a hero, this time he is making his debut as a lyricist. The music video of the song written by him is coming this September.

Amit Hasan is a popular film actor of the nineties. In 1986, he became involved in Bangladeshi cinema through the competition ‘Notun Mukher Sondhane’. His first film, Chetna, was released in 1990.

Since then he has acted in many movies as a hero. He also acted in side roles in some movies. He was a film director also. However, this time Amit Hasan is coming up with a new identity.

He is making his debut as a lyricist. “I have been in film for a long time. I have wandered in different sectors of the industry. As an actor, never refrain from acting. Besides, I have always tried something new. This time I have written a song for a drama’, Amit Hasan said. Not only writing a song, this time the actor is going to engrave his name in the field of drama direction”.