Remand repeatedly to get confession: Lawyer

A Dhaka court has granted remand for the third time in a case filed under the Narcotics Control Act against popular actress Parimani.

On Thursday, Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Atiqul Islam granted him a one-day remand after a hearing.
During the remand and bail hearing on the same day, Pariamani’s lawyer Mujibur Rahman said that there was no ground for her (Parimani) to be remanded again and again in this case. The maximum penalty for the charges against him is five years.

None of the reasons for remand are in this case. As a result, he is being remanded again and again to get his confession. You (judge) will not give that opportunity.

He said the allegations against the accused, alcohol was found in various places in the house; Which is not true. Even if it is true, there is no need to interrogate him in this case. He has not been accused of being a member of any international group. There is a provision in the law as to who should be remanded in which case, none of which was observed in this case.

Mojibur Rahman further said that the law is to find evidence. If the accused is not identified, weapons can be taken for collection. None of this is to be considered here.

Parimani’s lawyer said she was told to get 4 grams of ice and 16 liters of alcohol. There is no chance of him being sentenced to more than five years in all the sections given against him. As a result, there is nothing to remand him again and again.