The first song of her life was dedicated to Bangabandhu and her father

Everyone knows Aruna Biswas as an actress. But in school and college life, she was as good at dancing as she was at singing. Her father Amalendu Biswas learned the song by learning the song ‘Dhan Dhanye Puspe Bhora’. Then Aruna’s songs were learned from Mrinmoy Das Gupta. That’s why she always loved music. At one point in her life, Aruna became a heroine. But at different times, she still sings with joy in domestic programs.

A few days ago, Aruna Biswas started a YouTube channel in her own name. This time she sang a Rabindra Sangeet for that YouTube channel. However, she has a few things in mind when singing this song. 1. She has chosen the day of singing as the day of mourning for the first expression of her life. 2. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and her father Amalendu have chosen songs keeping faith in mind. That is why the first song that Aruna Biswas recorded in her life was ‘Aguner Parashamani Chhoyao Prane’.

Aruna Biswas said, “Our nation’s patron is Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of our nation.” The Bengali nation is still moving forward to fulfill its dream in the same way that he turned our nation around. Our beloved Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working tirelessly to fulfill her father’s dream. Similarly my father Amalendu Biswas was a parashamani to his children in his family. We are living quite nicely as he has also turned that side around.

I am building myself in the ideal of my father. Trying to fulfill my father’s dream. I recorded the first song of my life on the day of mourning, dedicating the father of one nation to another, my father. Aruna believes that Amit Chatterjee’s song ‘Aguner Parashamani Chhoyao Pranane’ will soon be released on her own YouTube channel. Aruna Biswas said that she sang a song written by Munshi Wadud and sung by Sheikh Saadi Khan in the movie ‘Shark River Grenade’ directed by late Cashi Nazrul Islam. But for whatever reason, the song was not put back. While studying at Bharati Homes, Aruna Biswas was the first to sing the song ‘Dadiye Acho Tumi …’ in the eighth grade.