Sonia Hossain for the first time in ‘Grant movie’

Sonia Hossain, simultaneously a model, actress, dancer, presenter. At the moment she is very busy studying law. Sonia was keen to work in government-funded movies. Director Hridi Haque came forward to fulfill his wish. Hridi Haque is making her own story ‘1971 Those Days’ with government grant. In this movie, a special song will be seen to play an important role, said Sonia Hossain.

Meanwhile, Sonia has taken part in the shooting in the capital’s old Dhaka. The title of the song is ‘Yeh Roshan Sitare’. The song is sung by Trisha Chatterjee to the tune of Devjit Mishra. Regarding working in grant-in-aid films, Sonia Hossain said, “I had a strong desire to work in government-funded films. Hridi Apa knew about my wish so I worked on this movie.

Earlier, I worked on the play under the direction of Hridi Huq. However, when it comes to working in cinema, I think those young talented producers who want to make a good movie with a grant, the amount of grant should be increased. The work is much better. Hridi Apa has been doing this for a long time. I asked Hridi Apa why she was working with me on this song. She said she loves me so much and I needed this song, so work with me. I am also very optimistic about the work.

‘Earlier, Sonia Hossain first acted in the movie’ U turn ‘produced by Arshad Adnan and directed by Alvi Ahmed. But sometimes she got an offer to work in a few more movies. But all in all, Sonia did not get the job done.

Meanwhile, Sonia Hossain is a great expert in Urdu. That is why Hridi Haque relies heavily on Sonia in the Urdu language in her movies. Sonia is also cooperating as much as she can in using the Urdu language of the movie.

Meanwhile, on the centenary of the birth of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Sonia Hussain performed a special dance to pay homage to Bangabandhu. The main idea is Sonia. Dedicated to the Father of the Nation, this special dance can only be enjoyed by the audience on ‘Soniak’ YouTube channel. Sonia’s strong interest is ‘Soniak’ to be a platform for artists to tell their own stories.