Ayub Bachchu: Reminiscing the ‘Guitar Magician’ on his birthday

Ayub Bachchu, the maestro of Bengali band music, became best known in the world of bands through his exceptional singing. He is also called the Guitar Magician. With the gift of many superhit songs, he has taken a place in the heart of music lovers. His role as a playback singer is not little as well. Today is the 59th birth anniversary of this legendary band star.
Born on this day in 1962 in Kharna Union of Patia Upazila in Chattogram into an aristocratic Muslim family, Ayub Bachchu’s father’s name is Ishaq Chowdhury and his mother’s name is Nurjahan Begum. Ayub Bachchu was the eldest among two brothers and one sister.

Ayub Bachchu was taught to play the guitar by a Burmese man named Jacob Diaz who lived in Chattogram at that time. Then in 1967, he formed a band called ‘Golden Boys’ with his classmates in college life. Later, its name was changed to ‘Ugly Boys’. Kumar Biswajit was the singer of that group and Ayub Bachchu played the guitar. At that time, they used to sing at various wedding ceremonies and clubs in the city.

In 1980, Ayub Bachchu and Kumar Biswajit joined the popular and old band ‘Souls’ together. His first song there was ‘Harano Bikeler Golpo’. Bachchu stayed with the Souls until 1990. The following year, he formed the ‘Love Runs Blind’ i.e. LRB band where he was the main vocalist till his death.

Ayub Bachchu’s first solo album ‘Roktogolap’ was released while he was in Souls. However, his success started with his second album ‘Moyna’. Ayub Bachchu has released 12 bands, 16 solo, and many mixed albums in 40 years of his career.

Apart from this, he has also sung in several films. His notable songs include ‘Sukh’, ‘Ekdin Ghum Bhanga Shohore’, ‘Ferrari Mon’, ‘Ei Rupali Guitar’, ‘Haste Dekho’, ‘Koshto Pete Bhalobasi’, ‘Cholo Bodle Jai’, etc.

The legendary artist Ayub Bachchu, a guitar magician, left the world on October 18, 2018, leaving millions of fans, family, and well-wishers in tears. With his death, the world lost one of the brightest stars of Bangla band music.