BNP, The patron of Bangabandhu’s killers, should be tried: Bahauddin Nasim

Kaushik Bose:
Awami League’s joint general secretary Krishibid AFM Bahauddin Nasim has demanded the BNP’s trial for killing Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the architect of Bangladesh, along with His family, sponsoring and later rehabilitating those involved in the killings. later founded a political organization called BNP to nurture the murderers and anti-independence activists politically. The BNP has to be judged to erase this scandalous chapter of the country’s history.

He was speaking as the chief guest at a distribution of food items among helpless and distressed people organized by Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League at Cross Road in Dholakhal on Thursday (August 12th). Awami League Office Secretary and Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Barrister Biplob Barua was present as the special guest on the occasion.
AFM Bahauddin Nasim said Ziaur Rahman patronized the killers, persuaded them. Bangabandhu’s assassins later announced in the local and foreign media that ‘we have killed Bangabandhu, no one has the power to judge us. We have Ziaur Rahman with us. ‘ He has given us indemnity. Ziaur Rahman rewarded the murderers of ’75 with jobs, business and trade at home and abroad, and gave them state patronage. They blossomed into a giant monster. We must not forget that today. Ziaur Rahman, sitting in the cantonment camp, formed a party with murderers in the name of a political party called BNP. Khaleda Xiao has established the murderers of ’75 in politics. The killer Farooq-Rashid gave the clique a chance to get elected. The murderers were patronized by the BNP of Khaleda Zia and Ziaur Rahman.

He said that they are still there as there were murderous brokers in 1971. The war criminals of ’71 have been tried by the worthy daughter of the Father of the Nation. Jamaat is a murderer, a war criminal. They are anti-Bangladesh forces. Jamaat politics has been banned today due to its involvement in war crimes. In the same way, the BNP should be tried and banned from politics for sponsoring, protecting, rehabilitating and rewarding the murderers of ’75. All must come forward to stop all the opposition forces, including the anti-independence forces, the patrons of the killers, regardless of party affiliation.

Even at this time, the party called BNP wants to create anarchy and instability in Bangladesh by spreading religious tensions in the name of Islamic organization. They have indulged in war criminals, indulged in the murderers of Bangabandhu. They still indulge the militants. Wanted to establish a reign of terror with militants. The series turned into a bombing country. They carried out a grenade attack on 21 August. These criminals are still involved in crimes against Bangladesh.
He said that Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman dreamed of building a golden Bengal for Bengalis, non-Bengalis, Chakmas, Marmas and hill tribes. The killers wanted to erase his dream by killing Bangabandhu and His family. Zia led those killers. After the assassination of Bangabandhu, they wanted to seize the power of the country and kill the independence of the country. But they did not succeed.

Speaking as the special guest, Barrister Biplob Barua, office secretary of Bangladesh Awami League, said that the assassination of Bangabandhu was a disgusting incident in the history of Bengal. Fortunately, Sheikh Hasina has survived. We are able to deal with this global coronavirus because she is there. Presided over by Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League President Abu Ahmed Monnafi and organized and conducted by Science an Technology Secretary FM Shariful Islam, Narayanganj 2 constituency MP Nazrul Islam Babu, Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League Vice President Sajeda Begum, Relief Social Welfare Secretary Sheikh Mohammad Azhar, Office Secretary Riaz Uddin Riaz and others.
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