By couple of days, the nation may get rid of this pandemic: DMCH Director Nazmul Haque

Jasmine Akter:

We the people in health sector are the front line warriors and since entrance of Covid pandemic into Bangladesh in previous year, we have been combating against it to win over the struggle. Now we aspire to win as all preparedness is advancing on towards the goal of positivity. By couple of days, the nation may get rid of this pandemic, inshallah. Brigadier General l Nazmul Haque said this while he was giving an exclusive interview to The Daily Tribunal. Brigadier General Nazmul Haque has been started discharging his duties as Director of Dhaka Medical College Hospital since June 2020 with new vigor and inspiration. He since his very beginning of his professional career, has been committed to do welfare to the humanity that reflects each day of his incumbent responsibilities. Where are you born and brought up & finish your adolescence and academic career? In response he added that his childhood spent at Kashiani under the district of the then Faridpur now in Gopalganj where he has been nourished at the lap of the nature. Actually a portion of period of his adolescence has been spent at Bhanga in Shibchar under the district of Faridpur.
In this span of time, he studied till class seven at Kashiani GC High School, now under the district of Gopalganj. Later he studied and passed SSC from Bhanga Pilot High School. And he completed HSC from Dhaka Residential Model College and at last this brilliant son of the soil successfully completed MBBS degree from Sher-e-Bangla Medical College, Barisal. Later he underwent Post Graduation from Dhaka University. He took higher degree from Mahidul University situated in Thailand. In reply to a quarry, Brigadier General Nazmul Haque said what he achieved in academic career now reflects in day to day activities. How many doctors, nurses, workers, employees have been martyred in the global Corona epidemic at DMCH? What did you do for those who laid the lives for the cause of the common people during this pandemic?
In answer, Brigadier General Nazmul Haque said the pandemic caused lot of losses to us in career, in finance and in routine activities but it is good luck that no doctor yet died of Covid in our hospital. However, 7 nurses along with 1 officer and 4 employees have been martyred in Corona pandemic. Among the martyred families two nurse families have received tk 37 lakh each and one martyred officer family have received the same amount while 3 employee families have received tk 25 lakh each.
What do you do in latest wave of Covid -19? And what do you think on preparedness to prevent it fully?
In reply he added we have prepared the highest within the limited resources what we have to serve the Covid affected patients. Patients have been admitted in 780-bed while there have 20 ICU bed, extra 30 more bed to give service at emergency basis, There are another 100 beds for tackle the crisis period. What do you do in latest wave of Covid -19? And what do you think on preparedness to prevent it fully? The best way is to wear double mask and maintain distancing amidst the two or many to reduce risk of affect in Covid I think. Side by side other emergency hygiene rules should be followed strictly so that no weak point can push anybody to infection.
What is your preparedness to meet the demand of oxygen in times of need and what can be its alternative in case of oxygen crisis arises? In answer he said we have stored a lot of oxygen cylinders at our store house. If it falls into crisis, we have preparedness and connectivity to acquire more on emergency basis.
Government is coming up with the highest budget in the health sector, and then what kind of cooperation will you expect from the government to meet the needs of medical, education and improved health? In reply he said to increase manpower could relieve us in giving more service to the suffering humans. At the same time we need more modern and latest medical equipment so that the standard never ever fall down in cases of giving service to suffering humanity. In addition, we need more training for physicians domestically and in aboard so that we enable to manage everything homely stopping sending patients abroad. Sir, the people who visited the DMCH complained various anomalies inside the hospital. And brokers are very much active to earn or to cheat the patients and attendants? What steps have you taken to end this criticism from your side? Have you taken any action against the brokers and syndicate exists in the hospital? In reply the DMCH head told we will add more ambulance to meet the people’s growing demand. Here needs more equipped workforce to meet the need at every step. Moreover, we need the improved law and order situation so that people could enjoy the congenial atmosphere. We think in this way we could enable to stop meddle man’s interruption and making syndicate system.
In short, what is your dream to be more dedicated figure in our country? How do you spend your leisurely hours? In reply to these quarries, Brigadier General Nazmul Haque said “My dream was to be entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship was my number one choice but somehow I couldn’t catch the track. My leisurely hours spend in giving time to the near and dear ones. Walking, travelling and gossiping with the relatives are my options to spend idle moments.”