Quader asks BNP to learn from Sheikh Hasina’s welfare-oriented politics

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader today urged BNP to take lessons from the welfare-oriented politics of AL President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

He came up with the call while speaking at an agreement signing ceremony at the Roads and Highways Department here this morning.

The agreement was signed between the Roads and Highways Department and a construction company under a project titled ‘Excel Control Centre Installation at the Source of Transportation on Important Highways’.

Quader, also the road transport and bridges minister, said the BNP could learn many things from Sheikh Hasina’s commitments to the country’s people, but the harsher reality of history is that BNP has not learned from it.

Mentioning that the Awami League and its President Sheikh Hasina always keep pledges given to the people and never cheat them, he said: “But, by celebrating fake birthdays of the BNP chief, they (BNP leaders) are now known to the people as cheats.”

Quader said If the BNP had minimum responsibility towards the country’s people, it would stop criticising the government and stand by the people during the COVID-19 inoculation period.

However, he said, the BNP leaders are staying at a safe distance from people in the fear of public outrage due to their constant lying and anti-people activities. “Politics does not mean lying about everything, not blind criticism,” he added.

Quader said seeing the massive response of people to the government’s mass vaccination programme, the unreasonable criticism is in fact an expression of the mass frustration of the BNP men, while their leaders are more frustrated than the BNP workers.

He said the BNP leaders never thought that the government would be successful in collecting the required vaccines within a short time. The government’s success over the vaccine collection has increased the BNP’s instability and anguish, and that is why they are talking nonsense to this end, he added.

The AL general secretary said the BNP is not tolerating the government’s mass inoculation programme successfully being carried out with an adequate stock of vaccines.

“They (BNP leaders) are being burned,” he said, “Even when the mourning month of August comes, the BNP suffers internally from the bloody betrayal of the past.”

About the COVID-19 restrictions, the road transport minister said the government has eased the restrictions in the interest of the lives and livelihoods of people but it could enforce strictly lockdowns again considering the country’s coronavirus scenario.

Pointing out that many projects have been taken to develop the roads and highways, he directed the authorities concerned to restore discipline on roads at any cost.

Noting that the public transport will run at the fares set before the pandemic, Quader sought the cooperation from all stakeholders concerned and the transport owners and workers in this regard.

Instructing the transport owners and workers to disinfect and clean their vehicles before a trip starts, he said the cent percent of passengers must wear masks and follow the health guidelines.

Roads and Highways Division Secretary Md Nazrul Islam, Chief Engineer of the Roads and Highways Department Md Abdus Sabur and project director Abdullah Al Mamun, among others, were present.