Week-long mass inoculation plan changed due to Covid vaccine, staff shortage

The nationwide mass vaccination program may start from August 14

The nationwide mass Covid-19 vaccination program, which had been scheduled for a week from Saturday, will now take place for just one day on Saturday.

The government has changed its planned campaign, which was set to happen between August 7 and 12, citing manpower and vaccine crisis as reasons, according to media reports.

“The inoculation will instead be held on August 7 only. Then it will resume under a new campaign after seven-day gap,” Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) Director General Prof ABM Khurshid Alam told The Business Standard on Thursday.

“The nationwide mass vaccination program is likely to resume again from August 14,” he added.

The decision was made at a government high-level meeting on Wednesday.

The first dosage of Covid-19 vaccination will be administered in a single session in 15,287 wards throughout unions, municipalities, and city corporations on Saturday.

The DGHS chief also stated that the immunization processes that are currently in place will continue.