Only social movement can extinct aedes dengue & chakungunia mosquitoes : Atikul

Staff Correspondent

DNCC Mayor Atikul Islam says that aedes mosquitoes, dengue and chakungunia must be prevented by building a social movement for well-being of the city -dwellers.
He said this at the Ashkona Haji Camp in the capital on Thursday morning. People at all levels of society need to be involved in the social movement related to segregation activities.
Atikul Islam says that with the spontaneous participation of all, the slogan “10 minutes out of 10 every Saturday, I live in a private house” has to be implemented.
He said that necessary legal action, including fines, would continue to be taken if any private, government or residential building was found to be present in the aedes.
According to the DNCC Mayor, in own house, one has to keep a watchful eye on the flower tub, unused tires, shell shells, open packets in the chopsticks, various types of open pots, roofs or other places so that water does not accumulate in the house.
According to Atikul Islam, free dengue fever testing has been arranged in 47 urban health centers in Dhaka North City Corporation for the city dwellers. Many has been approved
According to DNCC Mayor, Dhaka North City Corporation is working on short-term, medium and long-term projections to control water logging and pollution in the city.
Mr Atikul Islam said that in other years, when the roads were submerged in different areas due to light rains, the city dwellers had to suffer due to water logging. But this time the city dwellers have to suffer from water logging problem due to the record heavy rains.He said, “Mask is mine, protection is for all”.
At the end of the keynote address, the chief guest conducted a charitable campaign in the southern part of the country.
After that, in order to increase public awareness among the people of Atikul Islam, the aedes carried out anti-mosquito, anti-dengue and anti-chakungunia banners and festoons in well-equipped trucks in various areas including Dakshinkhan in the area. Among others, Mohammad Habibi Hasan, Member of Parliament for Dhaka-17 constituency, CEO of DNCC Health Department Brigadier General Jobaidur Rahman and local councilors were present.