Success in dragon farming in Pangsha, growing interest in farming

Rakibul Islam Rafi, Rajbari

Nutritious, delicious and tempting fruit dragon. Although the fruit rich in vitamin C is foreign, it is now being cultivated in the country. At the same time, agriculturist Md. Mojibur Rahman has achieved success in dragon farming in Pangsha of Rajbari. After graduating from Patuakhali Agricultural University, he was working at Joypurhat Sugar Mill (Sugar Mill). He is currently retired.

The dragon garden has been set up in the yard of his house in Purbabagduli village of Maurat union of the upazila. In addition to his job, he started dragon farming as a hobby. Now every mind is selling dragon fruit for eight to ten thousand rupees.

Md. Mojibur Rahman said, he has gone to different districts of the country due to his job. I have seen this dragon farming in different districts. Especially Jessore, Chuadanga and Natore. From there the idea comes to my head. While working, I started cultivating dragon by planting four hundred saplings on 25 percent of the land in my backyard as a hobby. Gradually I saw the face of success after three years of service. This is an exceptional result. Since there is no dragon farming in our district, it has been very difficult to get the right direction of care. Although the price of fruits is high, the market demand is quite good. Now there are about two to three dragon gardens in Pangsha. However, he thinks that dragon fruit along with other fruits will play a huge role in meeting the nutritional needs of the people of the country.

The garden is tended by Md. Harun Aur Rashid, younger brother of Md. Mojibur Rahman. Talking to him, he said, “My elder brother is a very amateur man.” My older brother started cultivating this dragon while I was at work. I quit my job after doing brandstock. I have been looking after the garden since I got healthy. I work four to five hours a day to care for the garden. It has started to bear fruit long ago. It bears fruit for about 6 to 7 months in a year. I am selling fruits for eight to ten thousand rupees per mind. Tree stumps are also being sold. The price of each chara is 25 to 30 rupees. I hope the income will be around 50 thousand rupees per month from next year. He further said that this dragon farming is a lucrative business in reality.

Pangsha Upazila Agriculture Officer Ratan Kumar Ghosh said, the dragon fruit first came to the country about eight to ten years ago through the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute and was distributed across the country through the Vatikalsar department of the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute. Dragon fruit is widely rich in nutrients. The fruit will play a huge role in meeting the nutritional needs of the people of the country.