RAB detains Pori Moni with scores of liquor bottles

Official says the raid was being carried out based on specific allegations

The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) conducted a raid at the home of Dhallywood actress Pori Moni in Dhaka’s Banani on Wednesday.

So far RAB has recovered 30 bottles of foreign liquor from her house and detained the actress, whose real name is Samsunnahar Smriti.

A RAB team carried out the raid based on specific allegations against her, said the force’s Legal and Media Wing Assistant Director ANM Imran Khan.

The raid began at around 4pm, with several people gathering in front of the Banani residence named Lake View. The Banani society authorities have made announcements using megaphones urging people to not crowd the area considering the risk of a spread of Covid-19.

According to witnesses, Lt Col Khairul Islam, in-charge of Rab’s intelligence wing, was seen entering the premises of the residence along with several plain-clothed DB officials.

However, Pori in a Facebook live video from her verified page claimed that many people came to her house and entered it forcibly. She claimed they could be robbers and that she had informed the law enforcement several times but they had not yet come to help her.

Later, RAB revealed that a team of the elite force had gone there to conduct a raid.

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RAB sources claimed that they had started searching the house and hinted that Pori Moni might be held after the raid.

Pori Moni has been under the spotlight since she made allegations of attempted rape and murder against a Dhaka businessman.

Attempted rape case

On June 14, Pori Moni filed a case at Savar police station against businessman and former president of Uttara Club Ltd Nasir U Mahmood, and five others on charges of attempting to rape and murder her.

In the case statement, Pori Moni said that she, costume designer Junayed Karim Jimmy, Omi and her cousin Bonny left for Uttara in two separate cars on the night of June 8.

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At one point in the night they arrived at Dhaka Boat Club at Ashulia, where Mahmood and Omi “forced her to drink liquor.”

They started touching her inappropriately, claimed the actress, before adding that when she resisted, they beat her up as well.

However, investigators on June 17 said some of their findings contradicted parts of Pori Moni’s complaint.

Pori accused of vandalizing All Community Club

All Community Club President KM Alamgir Iqbal on June 16 said: “She [Pori Moni] came to the club late on June 7. At the time, Pori Moni smashed 15 glasses, nine ashtrays and some plates.”

Stating that Pori Moni was accompanied by a man and a woman, Alamgir said the actress had entered the club on a member’s reference.

The club president continued: “The administrator and director of our club’s food and beverage department noticed the incident while exiting the club. They told Pori Moni that she was violating club rules and asked her and her companions to leave the club.

“The member who brought them also requested them to leave. But seeing that they were unwilling to comply with his request, he himself left the club premises.”

Then they suddenly became furious and started throwing glasses and ashtrays around, Alamgir said.

The film actress and her companions later left the club after police had been called in, he added.