A young rising writer Angkon: Inspiration for Newcomers

Dibarul Islam Dip

Do artists need to be mature enough to show their talents? What do you think?

The quick answer is, “No.” Artists do not need to finish their higher education or don’t need any fixed age actually to reveal their talents. Angkon is one of them.

He had a strong interest in writing since childhood. He started writing from secondary school to keep his dream alive and to give something special to Bengali literature. He published his first novel when he was only 18 years old. Md. Zahidul Islam Angkon. He born in Thakurgaon & completed his primary and secondary schooling from Thakurgaon Government Boys High School. He is currently living in Dhaka and studying in class XII in Adamjee Cantonment College.

As a result of his love for literature and relentless hard work in a short period of time, his first book ”Shunno Thikana’ was published in 2020. The second book of this young writer “Khopar Badhon” was published on January 14, 2021. Basically, his two books are novel category.

Asked what was followed in the writing, he replied in the sweetness of his literature, “Those who would stop the war with the stroke of a pen are the inspiration.” Regarding the support of the family, he said, “I did not get any support except the restraint. Mom just said, ‘I know you’ll do what you do.’ So if I want to thank someone special, I will give it to my mother. ”

He has also been privileged to write stories and poems several times. Ankon said about the future plans and the feeling of publishing a book, “I want to write my whole life. For an author, his own book is like a child. It is very difficult for me to express the feeling in words.”

He has won several awards for writing stories and poems. His stories have also been published in some newspapers.Besides writing he also sings song.
Even after hearing thousands of bad words, he remained steadfast in his goal. And like drawing, only those people who are steadfast in their dreams succeed one day. His dream is to achieve everything he desires.

Written By_
Dibarul Islam Dip
HSC’21, Adamjee Cantonment College.